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2011 Another Year

2009, was a fun year with trips to Washington DC and a quick run through Colorado.  I also had my 55th High School Class Reunion in Topeka and our yearly 50's Track Reunion in Kansas City.  I will be looking forward to 2010 and what adventures it will hold.  I will up date this page from time to time and pass on anything of interest.
2010 was also a fun year again with the Vette.  My buddy "Not Ray" and I made a run up the East Coast to New York.  We stopped first in New Orleans and then made the run to New York, stopping along the way at all the points of interest.
2011 we again will be putting our Vettes back on the road.  This year instead of heading East will be heading West.  The plan is to head to Seattle then on up into Canada.  Well, this plan didn't work out.  Scheduling problems arose with "not ray" and the trip was cancelled.  However, we did make a week run to Chicago but it was hot, hot, hot.  Enjoyed the drive but a wasted summer.
Birthday Party, 1954 High School Class
September 2011, a birthday party was held at my house in Wichita for the 1954 graduates of Highland Park High School in Topeka, Kansas.  Over the years, the class has had a reunion every five years but this year with most of us arriving at our 75th birthday, this party was planned.  September was planned because of better weather and after a rainy start on that Saturday, the day ended up nice.  This group has always been close and we all enjoy seeing each other and keeping in contact with what the families are doing.  Below is the link to the pictures.  Copy the link and paste it.
Link:   https://picasaweb.google.com/Kurayone/201175thBirthDayParty


2009 - 2011 NEW PAGES

It is always interesting when you take upon yourself to build something like a home page and then find out it takes "work" to keep it updated and add things of interest. I have found there has been interest from people who enter into the site especially on my trip to Russia and of all things my indian relic collection. With that in mind I have added two new pages concerning collecting indian point here in Kansas.

As new ideas come about in 2010 I will be adding new pages.


This is the orginal page I included a number of years ago giving some history and pictures of the collection. I found it interesting how much interest there is in this hobby. I found that people have linked to this page not only here in the United States but internationally.



First new page is INDIAN ARROWHEADS

This page goes into a little history of the collection.

Second new page is INDIAN POINTS/CELTS

This page offers more detailed pictures and discriptions of the colletion

Third new page is RIVER FINDS

This page shows some of the river finds found here in Kansas

Forth new page is RAY'S CARS

This page shows some of the cars I have owned and my love of sports cars.

Fifth new page is PLAINS INDIANS

This is a page talking about the Plains Indians in Kansas


I added the link to the photo album link to the trip that I took to Turkey. This was a great trip and the pictures pretty well depict all the sites a person should visit while in the country.