Kansas Sports Hall of Fame
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This is a page that shows a number of the great athletes that have attended the University of Kansas and that have been inducted into the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame. Many of the the notable 50's track and field stars along with many in other sports are included. Below is a sampling of the inductees.


The museum has moved to a different location but the collection remains the same.  This past year we lost two of the great 50's athletes, Wes Santee and Dick Wilson.  Many of their exploits are recorded at the museum.

A good part of the museum is about track and Field at the University of Kansas
Pictures below are of some of the inductees.

Kansas Sports Hall of Fame
The facility is located in Old Town, 238 N. Mead in Wichita Kansas.  The facility is very well done and worth the time finding it and enjoying the displays.
The "Pink and Blues"
Picture of the pink and blue uniform worn in the 50's.  This uniform was easy to spot on the track and was loved by most of the trackmen who wore it.  One who didn't like the uniform was Al Oerter.  Al thought it reminded him of women's underwear.  "smile"
Jim Ryan's Olympic Uniform
Jim Ryan, another of the great distance runners who ran Kansas track.
Jim Ryan
Nice display showing what Jim had accomplished over his career.
Al Orter and Bill Neider
Another great display showing pictures and artifacts from the career of these two Olympican Champions.  Both of these weight men performed at Kansas in the mid 50's.
Wes Santee
This exibit shows the 4 mile world record letter jacket given to Wes and the team.  Along with other things from the 50's era is the picture showing Jim Ryan, Wes Santee and Glen Cunningham running a lap together at the Kansas Relays.  Three legends on the track at the same time........ it was something that won't be forgotten.
Dr. James Naismith
Dr. Naismith, the first basket ball coach at the University of Kansas and the first track coach. 
Clyde Lovellette
The first of the great post men to play basketball at Kansas University.
Danny Manning
This exibit for Danny is one of many reflecting on great basketball names in the history of the game in Kansas. Even though the pictures on this page are mainly of Kansas University athletes, most of the museum is used to reflect all sports, all schools, and all great athletes that have performed in the state.
You couldn't have a sports museum with out Wilt.  Not only was Wilt a great basketball player at his time at KU but also was a great track athlete competing in the High Jump.
Bill Easton
Bill Easton was the track coach for all us who competed in track in the 50's and 60's.  Bill was much loved by his athletes and his life lessons have remained with many of us to this day.