Ray's Cars
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Ray's Sport Cars
One of my passions over the years have been sport cars. This all came about with the years in college at Kansas University. In 1957 a young man transfered from California to KU to run with us on the track team. He brought with him a 1957 Corvette. At the time I had a 1949 Corvette, at least that is what I called it. He let me drive it, which was a mistake, and I wrecked it going down the hill by the Delt house on the way to the stadium. I always wanted one all the way unitl 1986 when I bought my first Vette. I have just bought a new yellow Vette convertable in July 09.  I will be looking for the first C7 when they come available probably in 2014.

My first Sport Car, a 1957 Austin Healey

Upon graduation from college in 1958 my dad bought me a 1955 Chev. It had few miles and was in beautiful shape. Needless to say I kept if only for a few months and bought this Healey from a friend at work. This was the first of three Healeys I owned. The last was a 1965 Healey 3000 that I owned before getting married, which I had to sell because my it hurt my wifes back. Now you know why the marriage didn't last that long.

1984 Nissan Z
I may be wrong on the date of this car but I do know it was in the 80's.  I don't have pictures of too many of the Z cars but I did own quite a few.  This car was a favorite of my god-daughters, it was a 4 seater that talked.  With this sport car I could take the girls and mom with me when we traveled.
1986 Corvette
This was the first Corvette that I bought.  The new C4 Corvette came out in 1984 and for a couple of years they were hard to buy, namely because of price.  The dealers were a little too proud of them to deal.  However, in 86 I made the deal and bought the car.  Good car..... hell no.  The early C4's had all kinds of problems, quality problems.  I was happy when I did get rid of it. 
1990 Nissan Z
This was the last Z car that I have owned up until the present time.  This was a great, great car.  I would have bought another one in 92 except the value of the Yen against the Dollar made it very expensive to own a Japanese car.  However design wise, it is one of the best cars built in the era.
1992 Corvette
With the price of Nissan Z's going out of reach I tried another Corvette.  Even with all the problems with the 86 I still had a "thing" about Corvettes.  However, like the 86 this Vette was still pretty much junk.  Nothing had been improved as far as fit and finish was concerned along with the fact this was the first vette with aluminum heads.  At the time I thought that was neat until it blew a head gasket.  Get rid of it.
1995 Corvette
As I said, the 92 Vette was not a good car.  However, after a long discussion with the car dealer, we made a deal to order me a 1995.  I had bought a number of cars from this dealer and when the head gasket went out on the 92 he made a very good deal on the 95.  By this time, even with all the problems with the C4's, it would have been hard for me to drive anything else.
1998 C5 Corvette
Finally a good Corvette.  The C5 came out in 1997 and the dealers were wanting money over the sticker.  Now that is something I refuse to do.  Anyway in 1998 I ordered my first C5 from the same dealer who got me the 95.  By the way, I sold the 95 to a friend in our car club who is still driving it.  The 95's and on of the C4's were good cars.
My license plate has always been RAY for quite some time.  I hooked up with a good friend in the Corvette Club that ended up buying a car exactly like mine.  As a joke, he had his license plate read NOT RAY.  I retired in 1999 and we took a month and roamed over Montana and the rest of the rockies.  Had a great time.
2000 C5 Convertible.
My buddy by this time was in love with the C5's as was I and he had this "lust" for a convertible.  So....... we ordered two identical cars.  Ray and Not Ray were still on the move.
2002 C5 Convertible
Now this car was silver, a different color than the 2000.  The cars were getting better and better.  I wan't in love with the convertibles.  There is always something about any car you own that you don't like.  Convertibles have wind noise.  When you have some hearing loss this makes it irritating.  The tire noise is also loud but there isn't anything you can do about that.  Lovely car, had a lot of fun on summer nights.
2005 C6 Coupe
As I have said before, the Corvette keeps getting better and better.  The 05 is by far the best car I have ever owned.  When the C6 was made available, a great deal of customer imput was asked for by General Motors and was received.  Most all the petty complaints had been addressed and fixed.  I have had this car longer than any car I have ever owned.  At this date, there is less than 30K miles on it and with the market the way it is, I may keep it longer.
2008 Corvette Convertible
Earlier this year as I thought about Corvettes, it came to my attention that the new C7 Corvette would not be available until late 2012 as a 2013 model.  This would make my C6 seven years old.  The Corvettes are beginning to become real expensive and it made sense to buy a newer model.  The 08 was new with no miles and the dealer priced it so it was hard not to buy it.  I really didn't want another convertible but it had all the extras I wanted, so I bought it.  After driving it for a number of months, I have begun to like a convertible again.  The best part of the new car is the six speed transmission.  The 05 was a four speed transmission and it seemed to be never in the right gear.  The paddle shifters are neat but I hardly ever use them.  More horsepower and a new exhast system has made me a fan.
2014 C7 Corvette
This is my last Corvette. I received it in 2014, probably the second car delivered in Wichita. However, I didn't keep it very long. I found out that I had health problems and was unable at the time to get in and out of it. It was a beautiful car and I had wished I could have got it a few years earlier. I was excited about the C7 when I finally heard General Motors was going to built it, however it took years and years before the car became available.