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Like my father before me, I have collected antiques for years.


I know a lot of people don't have appreciation of "old" things but then again there are people like me who treasure them. As you see also I have been a surface collector of Indian relics. I guess my answer to anyone who would ask me why I like to collect things of history is, they don't make them any more.

1820 to 1840 Single Weight Austrian Clock
This is the oldest clock that I have. I wanted a good single weight to go with the two and three weight clocks I have.

1870's double weight Austrian wall clock.
This was one of the first fine clock that I bought around six years ago. I heard about an antique dealer in Texas who collect very fine antiques. I was impressed with his shop, which by the way you had to make an appointment to get in. After looking at all the fine things he had on the floor and being taken by their price I spied this clock hanging high on the back wall. I didn't think I would be able to afford it but he made a offer I couldn't resist. Steve my traveling buddy is a big time clock collector with 160 clocks in his collection couldn't belive the price. I bought it. It is the best wall clock in my collection.
1870's double weight Austrian wall clock.
I bought this clock at an antique show shortly after my retirement.  It is a fine clock but I ended up paying top money for it.  The rule of thumb on "good" antique clocks is a thousand dollars a weight.
1870's triple weight Austrian wall clock.
After finding the single and double weight clocks I wanted a three weight to finish off the collection. This is the last wall clock I have bought and also found it at a clock show. This is from a collection out of Oklahoma City by a dealer known to Steve and I have also bought from him before.
1870's French Mantle Clock
I have always loved French clocks but never found one that I thought would fit the mantle in my living room. However, attending a clock show here in Wichita and finding this one, I felt it would work perfectly on my mantel. The mantel is solid mahogany and the brown marble base fit perfectly.
1870's French Mantle Clock
I have always had a lamp, not antique, on the commode in the dinning room. The lamp with south and I needed something with height and expression for the spot. Steve informed me again of another auction being held this past winter, 08, and we both decided to go. It was a huge auction. Part of the collection was clocks, many clocks. We arrived early enough to look at all the clocks being auctioned and picked out three that I liked. I intended to bid on them until I bought one, if the price fit what I was willing to pay. The first clock I had chosen came up first and I bought it. I was will to pay more than it cost and was happy to acquire it. When buying something like this blind at an auction, you really never know what you have bought until you get it home. We were pleasently surprised when we got it set up and wound that it run. A little work on the time and it is now a great piece.
Beautiful lamp withTiffany type shades.
I bought this lamp in the early 80's in a small town in South East Kansas. I had heard about this antique store from some friends and decided to see what they had. I was surprised at the inventory. I found things in that store I had only seen in books. I met the elderly lady, in her 80's, that owned the place. Everything she had was expensive and she would deal. I found out that she had been buying estates in and about Kansas for fifty years. When I say, buying estates, I mean buying the estate. This would include everything in the house including furnitue, silver, glass and fabric goods. At the time she bought all this was the time the heirs thought all the thing left were old fashinoned and didn't want any of it. I loved the lamp, paid too much then but treasure it now. You will also see it is now sitting on a Queen Ann table I found around the same time.
A rather interesting story on this chair. Like I mentioned before, my folks collected antiques. On one of their trips North in the 70's they came accross an estate sale. My folks were traveling in a very small travel trailer and once they got through buying things at the sale, the trailer became real small. One of the things he bought was this chair. He gave twenty five dollars for it. When he got back to Topeka and unloaded everything I really, really liked this chair. As the years went on and after I finally settled down and bought a house, along came the chair. At the time you couldn't sit in it. The covering was ripped and torn, the springs were not tied and all in all it wasn't much of a chair. I loved it. I found an old man who worked on antiques and ended up taking it to him to rework. He took it apart, reglued it, reupholstered it and retied the springs. I spent six hundred dollars for the work but in my mind, well worth it.
19th Century Secretariat
I bought this piece in 1997, two years after moving into my present house. I bought the secretariat from a neighbor lady who at the time was 85. I had known her from the time I was two years old and continued seeing her even after my folks passed. She was neighbor to my folks and I grew up with them and her son was my best friend all the way through high school. She got involved with antiques and through her travels around the United States bought many nice and sometime unusual items. This is one of the real nice pieces she bought that I had always liked. After her husband died and as she was getting along in age and at one of my visits she mentioned something about thinking about moving and disposing of some of her "stuff". I mentioned I had always admired the secretariat and would love to buy it if it was for sale. She said she need to check with her children and see if they would want it and if not I could have it. She checked, they didn't want it and I made arrangements to pick it up. The secretariat comes in two pieces, a top and bottom. When we took it apart we found three letters and some confederate money. The letters were dated 1864. I don't know the age of the piece but I figure it was American made around the time of the civil war. You will also note it is right at eight feet tall and barely fits in the liviing room.
My Civil War Bedroom.
This bed is part of bedroom set purchased by my folks before I was born. They were married in 1934 and moved to the house I grew up in in 1935. They were depression ear folks and like many others very little money. My dad contacted my grandfather and asked if he knew where he could get some furniture. Grandfather found this bedroom set in a barn in McClouth Kansas which was painted white. He was told it was a hundred years old when he found it. Don't know how old it is, but it is old and the wood is competely dryed out. So much so, moving it creates real problems. After my folks passed this bedroom set found a new home in my house.
My Civil War Bedroom Dresser
This is the matching dresser that went with the bed.
My Civil War Bedroom Night Stand
This is the third piece of the set, a wash stand. Like I have said, I don't know the real date when these pieces were made but they are old. I would expect them to have been built in the mid ninteenth century. All the pieces are made of walnut but was refurbished in 1934. Nothing else has been done to them since then except two moves.
My Civil War Bedroom.
I don't know much about these pieces and doubt if they are as old as the bedroom set. The chest came from my family along with the two pictures done by my great grandparents. The mirror was purchased after 1995 when I bought this house. The lamp is quite special but I paid at least four times what it is worth. It is solid brass and came out of an upscale house in the East. I bought it at an antique show along with the first two weight clock. The price on the clock was right on but the lamp....... well.
New Clock, ca 1870
This is the newest clock in my collection.  However, I didn't purchase this clock from a  high end dealer or a clock show.  The mother of my god-daughters called and said she found a clock in a garage sale in Arizona.  She bought it for $400 dollars and had it shipped to me.  It was in a sad shape when it I received it but after cleaning it up and going through the mechanicals, it ended up a nice clock.  Usually, the price for a "good" clock runs as a rule of thumb, $1000 dollars a weight.  As you can see this was a good  fine.