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When working on a web page there are a number of ways to approach it. One is to put something out that gardeners interest to people who know you and would be interested in your posts. However, at times trying to find and post things of any value or interest becomes tedious. Anyway, this page really has nothing to do with anything. However, a person can always find things that strike him or her as funny. Hopefully, there is enough humor in my life to put here.

Notice the track shoes?


Yea, I know it doesn't look like me but then again it is beginning to. Us old track guys keep on trucking. "smile"

WELL............ I don't know! With everything that is going on right now, just how can anyone find too much to laugh about. Remembering back to the time I was growing up, I remember just how uncomplicated everything was. No one had much money if you lived in the mid-west and most of the people living in Kansas made their living off the farm. I still remember growing up in Topeka and seeing a number of feed stores catering to local people for their farm animals. It was a time when some people used the feed sacks to make clothing out of them and this was the late 40's and early 50's. Television didn't come into many homes until the 50's and up until that time people like my folks, read books and listened to radio programs. The word computer wasn't even a word, at least in the sense as it is used today. People wrote letters and had handwritting that you could actually read. Kids were taught to spell with out spell check and write English that way it is suppose to be written, even though this person probably didn't learn it too well. "smile" I guess the point is, us older folks, like the ones that proceeded us, always look back fawnly at the past. Nothing wrong with this, it is our history.


Lot of stuff............ Huh?

Well, this is kind of a fun page, something I can play with from time to time.  At least here I don't have to offer anything of any importance.  Having a home page takes a certain amount of time but it a way to let people keep up with one's life.  However, there is still a need to have something that doesn't have anything to do with anything.  "smile"



Building a new page based on FUN is interesting. Trying to figure out what fun is however, is harder to do. I guess fun should have something to do with funny, but maybe not. I assume fun depends on who is defining it. Fun for me would probably be a real drag for others but that the way it goes. Perhaps I shouldn't try and sell this as a "fun" page, instead call it silly, or stupid. I know friends of mine who will stumble on the page would suggest, "Ray, get a life". I guess the only thing I can say to that would be........... "got a life, but want to have a little fun"


You all know getting older is not only limited to not being able to see and pee.  "smile"  I have had a little something else, like a pacemaker implanted to care of a problem identified here in April, 2010.  The only problem about all this, is that friends seem to think it is just another step to the "big lay down", which isn't true.  The great thing about modern medicine is that a good doctor can diagnose a heart problem and solve it.  In my case, the pacemaker should give me many more years of a high quality life.  

Damn computer is smarter than me!
I have found out that not only some of my men friends get a little upset with their computers but some of my female friends also have a little trouble from time to time. Now it could be that my friends and I are over 39 that causes us problems but then again it could be other problems. LIKE!
Not reading the instructional manuals.
Not understanding the instructional manuals.
Not being able to see good enough to read the instuctional manuals.
Too many words in the instructional manuals not understood.
Threw the instructional manuals away.
You know you could go on and on but after some time of struggling with all this, you find a 13 year old to come over to the house and fix the problem. For those of us who didn't "grow" our own 13 year old, it is time to find one.