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Always there is a car you wish you had owned.
Back in 1962 I owned an Austin Healy at the time.  I quit Boeing and took a job in Denver Colorado in a job shop as a production illustrator working on a hand book for the Titan Missile.  I was looking forward to a new location, city and job.  I was staying with a fraternity brother from KU until I could find a place to live.  Anyway, on a morning drive to the office I had a head on collusion and destroyed my Healy.  I was banged up pretty good and when I finally could get around and think about replacing the car is when I found the car I should have bought.  I didn't and have regretted it even to this day.

  1958 Ace Bristol

The only reason I didn't buy the car was interior wise, it was just like the Healey I had wrecked.  Later on in the 60's the Ace Bristol coupe was used to house the Ford engine in the Ford Cobra.


In 1953, A.C. introduced a new sports car that would eventually change the company's fortunes. It had a very modern design courtesy of John Tojiero, with open two-seater coachwork, an aluminum-alloy body, and built atop a lightweight tubular chassis that had a fully independent suspension and powered by a six-cylinder engine. Three years later, a 'Bristol' version was introduced which gave the car even more performance. It included three carburetors, optional front-disc brakes and a four-speed gearbox. The engine was placed farther back in the chassis to enhance the Ace's handling.

  1959 FORD THUNDERBIRD I needed a car and after looking at numerous sports cars, including a 1947 MG-TC, I settled on this Thunderbird.  After suffering a wreck in a sports car, I thought it would be smart to get something bigger and heavier.  Needless to say this car took care of those two requirements.  The car was a company car used to travel around Colorado and especially outfitted to go over the divide, thus the Paxton Supercharger.  The car was a real kick to drive in the mountains.  Most all cars at the time didn't have fuel injection and the altitude played havoc with them.  However, after losing the contract on the Titan I was scheduled to go to California to work on another contract.  I stopped back in Wichita and for the fun of it, checked with Boeing for any job openings.  They had one, a lead illustrator on a government contract and instead of going to California, I stayed in Wichita.  As far as the Thunderbird is concerned, I didn't re calibrate the carburetor jets and one night of too many toddies I burnt up the engine.  Good bye Thunderbird

  1965 AUSTIN HEALEY I didn't own another sport car until 1965 when I bought a new Austin Healey.  1965 was the first year of the americanization of the Healey, fold down top, roll up windows and increased the suspension height.  This was a great car and I loved it.  A marriage in 1957 ruined all that however when I had to sell the car.  I still love Austin Healeys, I have owned a number of them and have always wished I had bought another one.  They come up from time to time but the price is now way over the hill.