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Welcome To My Home Page

RAY WYATT graduated from Kansas University in 1958. He belonged to the Delta Chi Fraternity and was a three year letterman in Track. After working 35 years at the Boeing Company, retired in 1999.

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My home page was designed to keep my self current with what has been going on in my life. "smile" I have found that keeping it current also keeps me current with friends I have made around the country and even some people I have met on the trips to Europe. I have always had hobbies since my childhood. I started collecting butterflys and fossils until my dad found an arrowhead and brought it home. Antiques always have had a place in my life since my dad collected them, refurbished some of them and sold them. I guess my passions lie with history, that is why my love of antiques, there aren't any more. Anyway, this is a good place to link to my hobbies and to the photo albums of my trips.




2011 Another year, hear and gone.  In a lot of ways 2011 was a great year for me but in other ways, glad it is over and on to a new year.  2011 was the year of the house around here.  I had the plantings in the yard reworked, first time really sense moving in. After the hot summer some of the trees and bushes had to be replaced and flowers had to be replanted.  I also had the kitchen remodeled.  The kitchen was the only room in the house where it wasn't really touched when I moved in.  Figuring I will have to sell this place at some point, the remodel was necessary.  I also found out a leak in the main bathroom will require replacing some of the sub floor.  Hopefully, after the bathroom is done I can forget about the house for awhile.
Summer is gone and most people in this part of the country are glad.  This has been the second year that the heat has been really hot over a long period of time.  I don't know how many days in a row that Wichita had a 100 degree days but it seemed like it was close to a month straight.  Yards and planting really took a beating.
My friend "NOT RAY" and I took the Vettes on another run.  We made a run to Chicago last year but it was so hot we cut it short.  This year we ran close to 4,000 miles.  The major stops were in Rapid South Dakota, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas.  We left Wichita in Late June but it wasn't early enough to beat the heat.  First day in Rapid City the temp. was 111 degrees.  Salt Lake City to was over a hundred degrees as was Las Vegas.  Needless to say, the enjoyment factor was wanting.  Both of us like driving the cars but the stretches between cities was long and six to seven hundred mile driving days was fairly common.  However all in all, it was fun to get back on the road.
We have planned a trip to Gulf and then on to New Orleans in early October, hope the weather will be nice.  Tired of summer this year, never thought I would say that.
2013  Lexi
Lexi turned one year old the first part of January and and is developing a "huge" personality.  I traveled to Kansas City around the end of January to visit Rieley and Lexi along with the grand-parents who moved into a retirement facility.  Enjoyed my time with the family and baby Lexi. 
Lexi spent a few days in AZ with her grandmother.  Needless to say the visit was well received.  She really has grown since I saw her last, happy baby who is interested in everything she sees.

Site Updated 06/01/14

PHOTOS of the 2011 Kansas Relays can be found on my albums. If you don't have the link to the albums, if can be found below.  However, the link to the photos of the relays can also be found on my Link page.


PHOTOS of the 55th High School class reunion can also be found on my albums. Check my Link page, and there will be a link to the pictures. Also below is the link to my photo album on google.  Either way will get you to the site the pictures are located.



After eighteen years and twelve different Corvettes, it all came to and end this week. There comes a time when the toys of youth must be put aside for something more practical. At my age, who needs a 500 horsepower car, well I always thought I did. 
The trade was a 318 horsepower Cadillac CTS Coupe for a C7 460 horsepower Corvette. I hate to see Vette go, along with all the trips I have made with my Corvette buddy, NOT RAY. However, I still have my buddy and a lot of pictures and memories of the cars.



The relays were held the end of April and I was pleased with the relays this year.  Both the high school and the college events were above average.  A new wrinkle was added by have two of the field events held in downtown Lawrence.  The public liked this and I expect to see it continue next year.  The attendance at the track looked down but I expect that to change as the new format continues in years to come.  As always, a number of the 50's guys were in attendance and we had a good time as usual.  The weather was rainy except for the Saturday events and a bit cold, but wasn't any big deal.  There has been much worse weather in years past.



The Reunion was held in Topeka, Kansas September 12th and 13th. I didn't know how many people could actually make the trip back to Topeka but was pleased at just how many did. A number of events were planned including having the class honored at the Friday night football game. It was fun, especially for me to go back to the old football stadium I had played in while in school. We had a sit down dinner Saturday night at the Holiday Inn which was a change from years past. We usually have a buffet dinner but it was much nicer being served. There was a Sunday brunch planned at Lake Shawnee in Topeka. The shelter it was held in is located in a beautiful spot surrounded by a park and flower gardens. Anyway, it was a very enjoyable reunion which all that came seemed to truely enjoy. It is always nice to be around old friends from the past whom you enjoy a history with. Plans are being discussed about the 60th reunion planned in five years.

Link:   http://picasaweb.google.com/Kurayone/55thHighSchoolReunion02#


Some of the problems of having a home page is keeping it up to date with additions and interesting items. However, one can only find so much that is interesting and new without trying to do something a little different. For this reason I have added a new "FUN PAGE". There will be nothing redeeming about what is presented here but a place for me to have a little fun. This will also give me the opportunity to up date my site without waiting for something more interesting to happen.
No new pages in 2012 but am thinking about adding more concerning arrowhead hunting in Kansas.  I haven't found any new sites for awhile but think I may have something to explore this coming spring.  The Big Walnut river runs through Kansas close to Wichita and has water in it all year, no matter what the rain provides in the summer.  I know there are indian camps all over the area where the big and little walnut runs.  I think I found areas that have been planted in corn that in the spring will be available to see the ground.  Anyway, if I find anything new, it will be on the web page. 


Another Labor Day and it was time for us 50's guys to get back together for our yearly reunion. This year the reunion was held in Lawrence Kansas at Al Frames daughters home. The reunion was hosted by the Frames and Dick Wilson. A lot of the guys made the trip to Lawrence and it was one of the best reunions, thanks to Steven and Ann Frame Hertzog. As always it is the yearly event we all look forward to being able to spend time with old team mates and friends. Plans for next year haven't been made but will contact everyone when they are made.